Full Day Ertugrul Ghazi Sogut Bilecik Inegol and Bursa in Turkey

Full Day Ertugrul Ghazi Sogut Bilecik Inegol and Bursa in Turkey

Ertugrul Gazi Sogut Bilecik Inegol and Bursa Full Day Tour
( Resurrection Ertugrul ) 

Pick up from the hotel around 06 : 15 Am or 06 : 30 Am

After 3,5 Hours drive from Istanbul you will visit there  Step back in time and enrich yourself with the rich history of Sogut .. Walk in the foot steps of our great hero Ertugrul Gazi. This is a must for any fans of the smash hit Netflix series Ertugrul : Resurrection thought as being on par with Game of Thrones.
then The last place we will go to Bursa to visit Osman Ghazi and Orhan Ghazi in Tophane / Bursa ..

Join us as we travel to a time long forgotten and bring this part of important Ottoman history to life.

The Tour is a Full Day Tour and Includes a Visit To :
* Pick up at 06 : 15 Am or 06 : 30 Am from your hotel
* We will have breakfast on the way around 08 : 15 – 08 : 30 pm
* The Tomb of Ertugrul in Sogut around 10 : 30 Am
* Alp’s Mezaar in Ertugrul Tombs  11 : 00 Am
* The Tomb of Edebali Master of Ertugrul and Osman Ghazi 11 : 15 Am
* Orhan Gazi Mosque in Sogut Bilecik 11 : 30 Am
* Timeline of Ottoman Museum in Sogut 11 : 45 Am
* Lunch around 13 : 30 Pm – 14 : 30 Pm
* Drive to visit Turgut Alp in Inegol
* Drive to Bursa like 1 hour or 1 : 30 Mins
* The Tombs of Osman and Orhan Gazi Key Figures in Ottoman History in Bursa 16 : 00 – 16 : 30 Pm
* The Grand Mosque and Bazaar 17 : 30 Pm
* Free Time
* Drive to Istanbul and we will arrive back to the hotel around 21 : 00 or 22 : 00 Pm

PS : We will drive moreless 700 KM which is 440 Miles …

All Areas are a tranquil haven featuring naturally beautiful surroundings. Some places are untouched and as they were when our hero walked through them.

Our friendly knowledgable tour guides will be on hand to make sure this tour is an informative and memorable one. They will help you transport back in time so you can relive history and will give you plenty of opportunities to take snaps to treasure your time with us or ask any questions you may have.

Don’t delay book today …… your Ertugrul adventure awaits ….

Daily Sogut  Inegol and Bursa Excursion With English Guide

1 Person

500 EURO

2 Pax

285 EURO ( Per Person )

3 – 5 Pax

175 EURO ( Per Person )

6 – 9 Pax

95 EURO ( Per Person )

9 – 15 Pax

75 EURO ( Per Person )

  • Private Tours Are Available All Year Long.
  • Tour Includes Minivan or Sprinter & Guidance Service in English
  • Breakfast , Lunch, Drinks and Ferry are INCLUDED !!!
  • Tips EXCLUDED !!
  • Children 0-6 Free .. 06 – 10 Ages are  % 50 Discount
  • Tours are made by Senguler Tourism – Istanbul Life ORG
    Member of TURSAB Agency Association / A Licence: 4691



Daily Sogut Inegol and Bursa Excursion
Without Guide ( Only Driver )

1 Person

400 Euro

2 Pax

225 EURO ( Per Person )

3 – 5 Pax

150 EURO ( Per Person )

6 – 9 Pax

75 EURO ( Per Person )

9 – 15 Pax

75 EURO ( Per Person )

  • Private Tours Are Available All Year Long.
  • English Guidance and Assistance Service ( Upon Request )
  • Children 0-6 Free .. 06 – 10 Ages are  % 50 Discount
  • Tours are made by Senguler Tourism – Istanbul Life ORG
    Member of TURSAB Agency Association / A Licence: 4691


Ertugrul Ghazi is the father of the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Osman Ghazi. Although the information about him is uncertain, it is known that; he was a member of the Kayi Clan. The ancestors of Ertugrul Ghazi were under the command of Sultan Tugrul Bey of Seljuks and Alparslan and they came to Ahlat region first. They joined to the raids in Anatolia. After Eyyubies had captured Ahlat, Gunduz Alp, the father of Ertugrul Ghazi, migrated to Mardin region. And after the plunder of Mardin by the Mongolians, they left this region and they moved through central Anatolia. The Kayi Clan, under the command of Gunduz Alp migrated to Surmelicukur of Pasinler plain of Erzurum. In a short while Gunduz Alp fallen ill and died and Ertugrul Ghazi replaced him. As the Mongolians advanced in Anatolia, he and his brother Dundar Bey moved through the western parts of Anatolia. In Sivas, they assisted the Seljuk Army against the Mongolians. Alaeddin Keykubat, the sultan of the Seljuks rewarded Ertugrul Ghazi for his service and he gave Ertugrul Ghazi, Karacadag and its province, near Ankara. The Kayi Clan had settled in Karacadag for some time, and later they moved through the Sogut region, in the Byzantine border. He campaigned the Byzantine villages. Ertugrul Ghazi helped Alaaddin Keykubat in the war against the Greek Empire in Emeniderbendi (the region between today’s Pazaryeri and Bozoyuk). The sultan gave him Eskisehir and its province to Kayi Clan. After this success, he marched through the Byzantine borders and conquered Sogut. Sogut became the capital of the Kayis. The campaigns continued and Ertugrul Ghazi gained power and extended his borders.


Ertugrul Ghazi died at the age of 90 and his tomb is on 1 km east of Sogut region of Bilecik. Osman Ghazi had succeeded him. 




Istanbul Sahaba Tours Visits

Private Full Day Sahaba Tour in Istanbul

The Prophet Muhammad ( SAW ) said: “Verily you shall conquer Constantinople.
What a wonderful  leader its leader shall be, and what a wonderful army that army will be!” (Musnad Ahmad).

Istanbul is the center of religion for centuries. After the ottoman period Islamic Religion spreaded througout the city. The first mosque in Istanbul was built in Kadikoy on the Asian side of the city, which was conquered by the Ottoman Turks in 1353.

The first mosque on the European side of Istanbul was built inside the Rumeli Castle in 1452. The first grand mosque which was built in the city proper is the Eyup Sultan Mosque (1458), while the first imperial mosque inside the city walls was the Fatih Mosque (1470) which was built on the site of the Church of the Holy Apostles, an important Byzantine church which was originally edificed in the time of Constantine the Great.

Many other imperial mosques were built in the following centuries, such as the famous Suleymaniye Mosque (1557) which was ordered by Suleiman the Magnificent and designed by the great Ottoman architect Sinan, and the famous Sultan Ahmet Mosque (1616) which is also known as the Blue Mosque for the blue tiles which adorn its interior. Istanbul was the final seat of the Islamic Caliphate, between 1517 and 1924.

The personal belongings of Mohammed and the earliest Caliphs who followed him are today preserved in the Topkapı Palace, the Eyup Sultan Mosque and in several other prominent mosques of Istanbul.

TOUR PROGRAMME : According to the 2000 census, there were 2691 active mosques hundreds of Tombs & holy places. In our islamic tour; we will take you to the important islamic locations by explaining you the stories of the places.

Note : In the tours, ziyarats we explain you the stories of the places and the importance of the tombs, sahabas & Evliyas buried in Istanbul. 

Full Day Sahabe Tour in Istanbul  ( 10:00 Am – 16:30 Pm)

Tour Programme ;

* Pick up from the hotel at 10:00 Am
* Visiting Yeralti Camii ( Underground Mosque – Mescit )
* Visiting Tomb of Hz. Vehb Bin Huseyre ( RA )
* Visiting Tomb of Amr Bin As ( RA ) 
* Visiting Tomb of Sufyan Bin Uyeyne ( RA )
* Drive to Balat Area and Egrikapi
Visiting Tomb of Hz. Abdullah El-Hudri ( RA )
(Here our sufi master shares his stories and insights)

* Edirnekapi & City Walls Area Visit
* Visiting Tomb of Hz. Haceti Hafir ( RA )
* Visiting Tomb of Hz. Abdulsiddik Bin Amir ( RA )
* Visiting Hz Sube ( RA )
* Visiting Tomb of Edhem ( RA )
* Visiting Tomb of Arpaci Hayreddin (RA )
* Visiting Tomb of Abdulrahman  (RA )
* Visiting Tomb of Ebu Derda ( RA )
* Visiting Tomb of Hz. Halid bin Zeyd Ebu Eyyup El Ensari ( RA )
* Eyup Mosque & Cemetery Visit around the Mosque
* Namaz Time and pray in EYUP Area
* Merkezefendi Area, Cemetery & Surroundings Visit
* Lunch in Historical Merkezefendi Kofte ( Meatball with one drink )
* Visiting Tomb of Hz. Muhammed-El Ensari ( RA )
* Visiting Tomb of Hz. Ahmad El Ensari ( RA )
* Visiting Tomb of Hz. Kaab ( RA )
* Visiting Tomb of Hz. Ebu Seybe El Hudri ( RA )
* Visiting Tomb of Hz. Hamidullah El Ensari ( RA )
* Visiting Tomb of Hz. Muhammed El Ensari ( RA )
* Visiting Tomb of Hz. Humeyd Bin Bekir ( Small Ahmed ) ( RA ) and 2 More Sahabe
* Visiting Hz Cabir Bin Abdullah ( RA )
* Visiting Ebu Zer Gifari ( RA )
* Abdullah El Ensari ( RA )
Hz. Halid bin Zeyd Ebu Eyyup El Ensari ( RA ) helper Cafer Ibni Sadik ( RA )
* Return Back to the Hotel around 16:00 – 16:30 pm

Tour Includes ;

Hotel Pick up & Drop Off,
Private Minivan & Driver,
English speaking Tour Guide,
Lunch in a Local Restaurant with one Drink
Parking Fees, Entrance Fees,
Complimentary Drinks, All Taxes

Tour Excluded ;

Tips to the Driver and Guide

Private Full Day Sahaba Visits in Istanbul
2 person
150 Euro or 130 GBP or 700 TL or 185 USD
Per Person

3 – 5 person

100 Euro or 90 GBP or 470 TL or 125 USD
Per Person

1 person or more than 6 persons

Call or Whatsapp : +905337385862 To Mr Hakan
  • Starts at 10:00 Am and Ends at 16:00 Pm or 16:30 Pm
  • Tour includes Minivan or Sprinter & Guidance Service in English.
  • Lunch is included in the tour
  • We give time for each place for the prayers.
  • Upon request we can make a special programme.
  • Mondays most of the tombs are closed.
  • Children 0-6 Free
  • Tours are made by Senguler Tourism – Istanbul Life ORG
    Member of TURSAB Agency Association / A Licence: 4691



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